Lego Spinning Top


IMG_9266My son is five years and seven months old. Yesterday, he made a spinning top out of Lego! It works perfectly. Here’s a little video. He explains how the top works in Finnish, but you can probably figure it out.

This is what it looks like stopped.

IMG_9267And from the bottom.

IMG_9268A few more tops:

IMG_9279Now we’re going to have a top spinning competition! Fingers crossed…



His favorite robots are, in order:

  1. R2D2.
  2. R4-P17
  3. C-3P0.

Since we’ve already built R2D2, and since R4 (from one of the Star Wars prequels, but known to him through the Lego Star Wars games) is exactly the same, but red he wanted to make a replica of our R2D2 mosaic.